Injury: All Applicable – Theory #4 – Tyler Durden

February 28, 2008

I have heard many stories over the last few years about it happening. Groups of guys and even a woman once. I did not pay much attention to it at first but if you know how to dig you can find out about the DeeWhy movement.

Funily enough inspired by a well known hollywood film these fights are anything but staged. I wish I had a picture to post and not a movie screenshot but then again maybe I dont.

In researching this story I uncovered myths of all sorts of injuries to the fighters, everything from concussion, broken ribs, more cuts and bruises than you can imagine and even a popped eye socket!

When I started investigating Toby’s mysterious injuries I never thought it would run this deep.

If you want to know more dont come to me just look for the dodgiest guy you know on the northern beaches and ask them, dont ask the wrong person though you might end up exactly where you dont want to be.



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