Last Sunday morning, Toby and Amanda – Amanda is Toby’s other half… she’s a pretty cool cat – decided to go to breakfast and have waffles, a simple, non-destructive activity and a lovely way to start a Sunday morning.

ben.jpg tori.jpg

Amanda is friends with Ben Stiller, well maybe not friends, but they stood in line next to eachother at the supermarket one time (he lives in dee why now), so Amanda calls Ben who comes to provide a taxt service for she and Toby to ‘Batmans House of Waffles’ in Mona Vale. Ben Rocks up in his Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino and takes them to Batman’s.


After a scrumptious meal of waffles and OJ, Toby announces that he must go at once to pick up his terrarium!


“I must go at once to pick up my terarium!” he exclaims.

The two pay Batman and go their seperate ways.
Toby decides its a nice enough day to ride his newly repaired unicycle to the terrarium shoppe, and off he goes!


Needless to say this story ends sometime after that with Toby eating a peanut butter sandwich, while breakdancing in the national championships.


Of course, that mean guy from Karate Kid comes and tells some guy named “Judd” to “sweep the leg” and thats how Toby gets injured.