Ninjas – Stealthy, deadly, reliable, silent, trustworthy (to kill or maime), punctual and hilarious.

You know the phrase ” he never knew what hit him”, well ninjas coined that phrase, but the original was quite a bit longer:

Here for the first time in it’s full text is the passage from “The Ninja Diaries – A Tale of Ninjas”:

“…he never knew what hit or kicked or sliced or diced or mangled or maimed or cut or stabbed or liked or hurt ot shot or carved or bit or skimmed or tazered or shived or karate chopped or speared or flew at or ate him…”

Ninjas are the most stealthy of all people, except Kevin Bacon in that movie where he’s an invisible scientist. But next to Kevin Bacon, ninjas are it. It’s more than likely that Toby’s injuries have something to do with ninjas.

We can even suppose that Toby himself is a ninja in training…can’t we… he’s quiet, diligent and goes to the gym. and perhaps he was injured in some sort of ninja training camp (like computer camp but for ninjas).

Hence theory # 4 – Ninjas.